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LG Voyager Hacks Thread part 1

LG Voyager Hacks Thread Part 2

Making use of USB Mass Storage Mode to directly work with files stored on an inserted MicroSD card.  LG Cell phone Software

NOTE: this only works if you have a MicroSD card inserted in the phone.
Connect the USB cable that comes with phone…  LG-voyager info

On the phone… Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Tools -> USB Mass Storage…

This causes the phone to be identified as like a “USB Card reader”.. and the inserted card to show as a Drive letter… You can then drag/drop files the into the My_PIX, My_Sounds, My_Music, My_Flix folders on a microSD card inserted in the phone.. or copy files back to the PC.

Use the key on the LG Voyager to exit mass storage mode and return to normal when you are finished.

Note: while in USB Mass Storage Mode, the phone will not be able to send/receive calls, messages, etc…

Note: because the phone now looks like a USB Card Reader with inserted memory card, you may access and manipulate it just like any other “flash drive”… store what ever files you want.. open or delete them too. All right from the card.

NOTE: this will NOT work to access the phone’s internal memory. It only works to access a MicroSD card inserted in the LG Voyager.

Bluetooth: What bluetooth profiles are supported by the LG Voyager?

See the Phone Bluetooth page…

Bluetooth: Pairing your LG Voyager and PC, plus using some of the supported profiles

How to Pair your Phone and Widcomm/Broadcom Bluetooth PC

Where do Files Go?

File Locations… this is a listing of the locations of the “popular” files on the different phones. It can be useful when working with the phone’s file system in BitPim

Adding Ringtones with USB Cable & Bitpim (Using BitPim’s GUI support) (per [TheBORG])
DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible if you mess up your phone.

1. Connect USB cable to PC.
2. Connect USB cable to phone.
3. Open Bitpim ( ). [Note: You’ll need BitPim 1.0.3 (10 Dec 2007) Or NEWER]
4. Click on the plus in front of Phone.
5. Click on the plus in front of Media.
6. Click on ringers.
7. Click the Add Ringer button (4th button from the LEFT).
8. Navigate to the folder on your PC where the ringtones are located.
9. Select the ringtone that you want and click the Open button. Make sure these files are about 30 seconds long. You can use a program called Audacity ( ) to make the actual files (work off duplicate files so you don’t overwrite the original files).
10. A Convert Audio File window will open. To lower the file size of the ringtone drop the Sample Rate and Bitrate down one or two settings.
11. Click the Convert button.
12. Make any adjustments to the ringtone file if needed. You can play the file to test the volume, but most likely you will need to test it from your phone to make sure it’s loud enough.
13. Click the OK button.
14. Repeat steps 7-13 for addition ringtones that you want to add.
15. Click the Send Phone Data button (2nd button from the LEFT).
16. Check the Ringtone checkbox and make sure that Add radio box is selected (not Replace All).
17. Your ringtone(s) are now being transferred to your phone. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE USB CABLE FROM EITHER END!
18. On your phone, navigate to the Menu – Get It Now – Music & Tones – My Ringtones. Check out your new ringtones!

How to flash the phone’s firmware at home.

How to flash the LG LG Voyager‘s firmware. If you want to upgrade the firmware on your LG phone, this is how…

FAQ: How do I add ring tones to the LG Voyager? There are 3 ways I know of….

1. BitPim. (via usb cable, or Bluetooth) as outlined above. Using either the Native/GUI support for ring tones, or by accessing the file system and placing a properly formatted file in the correct folder. ( /brew/mod/10889/ringtones )

2. Email Trick (see -> HowToEmail.htm ), where you email the properly formatted ring tone file to [yourphonenumber] at vzwpix dot com… then save as ring tone when it gets there… but this has been very unreliabile lately… it can take anywhere from Minutes to DAYS for the message to reach your phone. And if you don’t do it properly, it may get saved as a SOUND rather than RingTone, and can’t be used as a ring tone.

3. MMS Trick… place properly formatted ringtone file on your phone in the SOUNDS folder either on your MicroSD card, or in the sounds folder in the phone’s memory (using BitPim)… then send an MMS message to yourself with the file attached.. and again, save as RingTone.

The easiest/quickest/most reliable way is… BitPim.

FAQ: Can I put Ringtones on the MicroSD card?

No. As is the case with most/all phones (non-smart, non-pda, non-blackberry that is)… Ring Tones must exist in the phone’s memory. There was a hack to use BitPim and re-write a file on some of the LG phones to get around this however that hack doesn’t work on the LG Voyager. Even if it did, the phone would have to keep power to the MicroSD card all the time (so they are available if/when the phone rings) which will drain the battery, and they’d be lost as ring tones (and you’d have to re-do the hack) if you remove the MicroSD card. With 140meg+ of memory on the LG Voyager there is no reason to NOT keep them in the phone’s memory.

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