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LG Voyager Hacks Thread part 1

There are TWO ways to do this…  LG Cell phone Software
1. Access the service menu, then go Data -> MIP Setting – > NAI Setting -> MIP DUN NAI -> and change it to phonenumber at vzw3g dot com (just get rid of the “dun.”)
2. follow -> LG-voyager info
Disable EVDO (This can help with battery life if your phone constantly switches between 1x and EVDO because you are on the “edge of coverage” BUT you can’t use vCast, and your Get-it-Now, MMS Messaging, WAP, and other data services will be slower)

Access the service menu, then go Network Seleect -> Mode Preference -> 1X Only. (default is Digital Only Hybrid)

Copying contacts via Bluetooth from an enV to LG Voyager

Note: this may work for other phones which support OPP for vCard, however the process might be slightly different.

Note: this process will NOT copy Ringer ID or Picture ID assignments, nor will it copy GROUP associations….

Pair the two phones…

1. Put the LG Voyager in Discoverable mode… Menu -> Settings & Toos -> Bluetooth Menu -> Options (soft key) -> Discovery Mode -> On
2. On the enV.. Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Bluetooth Menu -> Add New Device
3. From the list, highlight the VX10000 and press the “OK” button to pair.
4. When prompted for pass code.. enter any 4 digit number (example: 0000) and press OK.
5. on the LG Voyager, when prompted, ACCEPT the pairing request
6. For the pass code, use the SAME 4 digit number (example: 0000) and press OK.
7. When prompted on EACH phone.. “Before connecting…” select Always Allow
Initiate the sending of contacts…

Note: the enV can only select/send 10 contacts at a time via Bluetooth.
1. On the enV.. go MENU -> Settings & Tools -> Bluetooth Menu. Highlight the LG Voyager.
2. Press Options (soft key).
3. From the menu, select.. Send Name Card
4. You will be presented with the enV’s phone book listing.
5. Use the OK button to mark those you wish to send. If/When you have hit the 10 contacts selected limit, you will be prompted.
6. When you are ready to transfer press Done (soft key)
7. the select cards will be transfered and you will be returned to the phone book listing.
8. If you have more names to transfer, you may continue useing the arrows and OK button, to unmark those which have transfered and mark the next set of names. press Done (soft key) to transfer…
9. the select cards will be transfered and you will be returned to the phone book listing.
10. if you have more to transfer, go back to step 8
11. When you have completed transfering the names… press the END key.
Preparing a MicroSD card for use in your phone

Note: formatting the MicroSD card erases anything currently stored on the card!!
Take MicroSD card out of package.
Power the phone off.
Insert the MicroSD card into the slot on the phone
Power the phone on.
On the phone go.. Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Memory -> Card Memory -> Options (soft key) -> Format.
The card will now be ready for use.

NOTE: the phone should support “hot swapping” of the card (i.e. removal/insertion while the phone is powered on), however it is always safer for your data if you have the phone powered off while removing/inserting.

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