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Name: VZW Sudoku

Category:     Get Games

Publisher:    Superscape

Current Rating:    4  

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LG Voyager gameVZW Sudoku Description:
VZW Sudoku is a mobile version of the internationally popular number puzzle. You must fill in the blanks in a grid of numbers where each number can only be used once in any row, column or region. You must use reasoning and logic to solve the puzzle. Each puzzle is randomly generated by your handset according to the difficulty level you specify. You can mark your guesses on the grid before making your final decision, as well as undo moves and even ask for hints if you get stuck. LG Cell phone games

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I am a Sudoku addict, so this was the first game I downloaded onto my LG Voyager. It can only be used on the inside screen. If you try to launch it from the outside screen, it instructs you to open the phone. LG-voyager info

It works with LG Voyager and may work with other LG phones(LG Dare, LG Decoy, LG enV VX9900 and so on).

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