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LG Voyager cell phone with free unlimited email? How to do it? If you are interested, please go ahead.LG Phone Problem and solution

Here is my opinion about free unlimited email. You can also if you feel safe about doing this buy the application for a month; which will give you unlimited access. Then you can backup your content with Bitpim, cancel the service, then re-install the email client and it will be unlimited. I wouldn’t suggest doing this with Verizon Email, because that is Verizon’s service and they can see when and where you are connecting from.
Just be careful. I’m not suggestion anything, this is just what I have read. You have to be MEGA CAREFUL when messing with your LG Voyager cell phone’s filing system!!! Because if you don’t have a good backup and end up messing the filing system up, you will be forced to take the LG Voyager cell phone into a Verizon store. Where they can see what applications were on your LG Voyager cell phone , even if you deleted them. Unless you delete the backup listing file, which I don’t know what file that is. So always backup your filing system!!! And never install an old application onto an updated phone. The differences in filing systems will result in conflict errors and your LG Voyager cell phone won’t work correctly anymore. It’s like installing a Windows 95 application onto Windows XP. So its a really,really bad idea to do that!!

LG Voyager cell phone photos

LG Voyager cell phone photos

LG Voyager cell phone photos LG Voyager cell phone photosLG Voyager cell phone photos

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