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I just got my LG Voyager and nearly busted a nut when I found out it uses flash for its apps and that I can load games onto it. LG Cell phone Software

I’ve worked with flash before and plan on using my knowledge to mod games specifically for our lovely lovely phone (so let me know if you want specific games/apps modded for the LG Voyager).

My first project was a good tetris game. All of the ones I’ve found are for the inner screen and are set up so it only takes up the middle of the screen, making it tiny and hard to play.

So I found this tetris and modded it to fit the outer screen and use touch input. All credit for the core game should go to whoever wrote the tutorial. All I did was change the input methods and fix the size.

LG Voyager free gamesTetris download:


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LG Voyager free gamesTetris Photos

LG Voyager free games - Tetris Photos

LG Voyager free games - Tetris Photos LG Voyager free games - Tetris Photos LG Voyager free games - Tetris Photos

17 thoughts on “LG Voyager free games – Tetris download”

  1. its on my phone but how do i delete the buttons on the bottom that say ok clear and cities (i chose world clock)

  2. It’s possible to put some games from addictinggames on the phone as well, I got games like mini putt 2 and bowman 2 on my Voyager

  3. i kinda like your games but i am like in the middle it is fun but then it starts to get super boring you think it will get more exiting but ti doent:..: ahhhhhh!!!

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