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Now Mobile IM 3.0 says:

Using their application is subject to you Customer Agreement, Calling Plan and the Text, Picture and Video Messaging Ters of Use. LG Cell phone Software

All messages sent and recieved will be billed in accordance with you messaging bundle, or based on the then-current standard TXT rates, per message/per address, as applicable  NOTE:  once you sign in, you will continue to recieve and be billed for all messages until you send the sign-off command or until you are logged off by your servic e provider. LG-voyager info

The mobile IM costs $1.99 for the data to sign in- so it’s not really expensive but if you sign out and in a few times it will start to add up. this is a just a trick to save a couple bucks- and about the Mobile email thing, i just got a connect plan and it comes with mobile email

Ok, instead of using the mobile IM thing (which costs $1.99 every time you login, unless you have unlimited data) you can send a text to 246-246. You text: Login <sn> <pass>
If you need any help you just type “h”.

It is free. AIM advertises it. If you have an AIM account, you can also choose the “mobil” option in your setup for your screenname, so when you sign off of your aim (on computer or phone), your aims will be forwared to you in a text message.
the text message rates are free if you have a bundle or unlmt.

It does work…..i tryed it….anyways go ahead and (in a wisper) cookies are good no extra charge. it the same thing if someone send you a message from AIM to your cell using your number. it is free of charge and only uses your txt/sms messages and this works on any plan with any phone(LG Voyager) that has txt messaging.

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