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LG Voyager firmware version 7













LG Voyager firmware version 7 – LG Cell phone pictures

How you do upgrade to firmware version 7 for your LG Voyager? LG Cell phone Software

You could go to your friendly Verizon store. 20-40 minutes. Drop off your LG Voyager and have lunch. Almost nothing was changed as far as my settings, etc. The tech took out the microSD and told me to hold on to it. That was it. There are instructions here for do it yourself, but no one really recommends it. Even if you could download the upgrade and know how to apply there are 2 major dangers. LG-voyager info

Power outage or cable pulled out. In either case, you won’t have a phone and Verizon might charge you to fix it. I have to upgrade my DSLR’s firmware sometimes, but I have a server grade UPS so power is not an issue.

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