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The tech said that it was a 2 page list of bugs it fixed. She named off a few like:
Browser resetting the LG voyager phone, Scrolling lag, Bluetooth issues.

I really can’t remember the rest, but she went through about 10. I seem to only remember the ones I was concerned about. The last version I had was V07, I decided to hold off on V11, so several of the differences I have noticed may have been covered in V09: LG-voyager info

– “Dare” Theme – Black or White with “fly-in” icons
– Browser – “camera” button brings up the same as Menu # (Page Overview)
– Browser – custom homepage designed on voyagerhq.com does not work
– Browser – Send URL (this may have been available before, but I never noticed it. You can text the address to someone without closing your browser. Proof that the LG voyager phone is capable of Multi-tasking)
– Browser – under “www” (history), images now appear before the site address
– Browser – Settings – Homepage (Use favorites screen)
– Settings – Display – Thumbnail (on/off/auto) & Scroll (speed)
– Settings – JavaScript – (on/off)
– Settings – Timer – Key Press Time Out (?) & Connection Time Out (up to 999 seconds)
– Settings – Encryption – (I couldn’t tell you much about this, not my field of expertise)
– VVM now available
– Mobile Email is now listed in Messaging Menu
– Info under Media Center is available and easy to identify memory usage and memory history (View Log)
– Music menu has a “mode” option which seems to disable all features other than Bluetooth.
– Tools – Stopwatch – Has this always been available?
– Phone (Number Pad) – now the numbers fit better into the screen
– When someone calls, the incoming screen has been enhanced
– Settings – Touch Settings – Vibrate – Vibrate Type – now includes Echo & Triple
– Settings – Touch Settings – Vibrate – Vibrate on Scrolling
– Select & Drag Shortcuts to desired locations.
That’s all I can think of for now, and once again, I probably mentioned things that were available on V09, but these are the changes I personally noticed from V07.

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Ambre on 30 March, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

e.mail problems. using mobile live and it is no longer working saying I need to update my browser. Anyone have any sugestions or have had the same problem?

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