LG Voyager – EZTip Calculator

LG Voyager Flash games Hack

Q: What if you don’t want to get rid of the EZTip Calculator?

A: reload the files :doh: LG-voyager info
LG Phone Problem and solution note:
flash games like this:
will play using the front touch screen but some are unbearably slow :bash:
this game:
plays alright on the front screen, but it helps if you have something like a PDA-stylus to click around on the screen, but the game has full functionality, but is still relatively slow. :rolleyes:

You can keep the tip calculator if you want to. Simply don’t replace the ezTipType1Main.swf file and you will have access from the inner keyboard.
different games can be loaded for each of the two screens
Replace what works with the touch display with one, and one that works with the keys with the other.
Bomberman works with internal keys (just replace “Main.swf”)
Office war works on external screen (just replace “Sub.swf”)

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