LG Vortex User Guide / Manual Download

The LG Vortex is an Android powered device which has already been launched at Verizon Wireless. If you are a new user of Android device, then the User Guide / Manual must be important to you. A good news to you that LG has just put the User Guide / Manual onto there web, this manual is made in PDF format. You must download and install PDF reader before you reading this file on your PC. LG Android Phones

LG Vortex User Guide / Manual Download:

LG Vortex Datasheet Download:

LG Vortex Quick Start Guide Download

LG Vortex Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures



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4 thoughts on “LG Vortex User Guide / Manual Download”

  1. I have downloaded a bunch of songs thru VCast Media manager, yet some do not seem to be int he phone/SD card, yet the log shows they transferred successfully?

  2. i have not used the phone yet. (still expecting the delivery) and waiting to be disappointed, bcos of all the comment about the phone

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