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The LG VN530 Octane OTA Update is available now, it should be delivered straight to your phone. To check for the Update on your LG VN530 Octane, Go to the main menu>> Next choose "Settings & Tools>> Then Phone info>> Next "Software Update">> Finally "Check Update".  LG Cell Phone Software

The above steps should initiate the Update process and it will prompt you to update…  Before you start the update, make sure you have the phone charged or plugged in to the charger, and the rest should be automatic.

Following is the details about the latest LG VN530 Octane OTA Update.

Model: LG VN530 Octane

New Software Version:VN530V2A (MR1 Part 1) & VN530ZV3 (MR1 Part 2)

Available Via: Over-the-Air and during activation on 12/01/10

Note: Customers will be pushed software version VN530V2A first and then VN530ZV3 second due to size limitations. Customers should be on VN530ZV3 software.

LG VN530 Octane Improvements/Fixes (Part 1):

  • Customers reported hearing echo during voice calls
  • Handset LCD turns off and the device locks up during MOST test calls. .

LG VN530 Octane Improvements/Fixes (Part 2):

  • A 2 line message bubble has been applied in the threaded message view screen
  • Auto save option was not supported in camera settings
  • Cannot extract a phone number to save to contacts from the text body if the format includes a space or symbols such as 858 243 6015 or (858)243-6015
  • Facebook, MySpace, Twitter friend status and photos are displayed in native Contacts list
  • Facebook, MySpace, Twitter friends can be added to the native Contacts list
  • Icon animation added in the Main Menu with VZW theme, GRID layout
  • In Contacts multi-selection screen, when text is entered in the Go To box and focus is moved elsewhere, the previous text in the Go To box is not cleared automatically
  • In some rare cases, when a video message with an unsupported video file is received and “view now” is selected, the device power cycles
  • Main menu (WHITE theme, GRID layout) UI has been improved. Font size changed from 17pt to 16pt
  • New email alerts icon still remains on the screen even after cancelling/removing Mobile Email subscription.
  • Photos can be uploaded from the native gallery and camera to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter
  • Social Networking Service(SNS) integration features added (Linkbook, Linkme)
  • User cannot return to next line by pressing ENTER key when using email or notepad etc.
  • VN530 returns to the same menu after a Bluetooth contact transfer is completed. User may be confused and think that the contact transfer failed and the user might perform the transfer again
  • When the contact name is too long, it runs over the area for the unread message counter and the number of unread messages cannot be seen

How to update the LG VN530 Octane?

I used the LG Mobile Support Tool that I downloaded from here:

This has worked perfectly for the LG VN530 Octane that I have here, and it’s much quicker.

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gordon barber on 10 June, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

I did the update and now my remote (Parot) bluetooth has lost the funtion of dialing for me. LG suport told me that is part of the new “enhancments”? I had to trad phones with my wifes enV3. It still works fine (wont update that one) In other words, I lost a feature that I paid for. My last LG phone.

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