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What’s so special about our LG Viewty unlocking? Read on to find out how unlocking your LG Viewty can not only add extra value, life and freedom to your handset but it can also save your money!  LG Cell phone Software

This is how to unlock your LG viewty Step by step with photos guide…
Files needed for the unlock are attached
pass : nasoor

Step 1:

First go to your LG viewty and select the menu. then select phone settings, and select connectivity. goto USB connection mode and select Data Service.  LG-Viewty info

Make sure your phones software (LG Suite) installed on your pc before unlocking. But no need to run it when unlock!!!

Make sure your phone is fully charged, now turn it on and connect it to your computer using USB cable. If LG suite Connection Wizard pops up, click on Cancel and close it !!!

Click on “Software Package” button on the left panel. Browser to a directory on your PC where you want to store the software.

Unlocking KU990 Viewty Images

Unlocking KU990 Viewty Images


Step 2:

In the “LG Unlock” folder just opens, run the application file “Windows Enabler.exe”. Vista User: Right Click On It And Select ” RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.”

You will see a 3 windowed icon in the bottom right of your taskbar next to the clock, click on the icon untill it says On.

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  1. Doesn’t work at all for me – doesn’t even recognise the device even after finding it in the COM list.

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