LG Viewty tips

Q1: Can I install windows to my LG Viewty?LG Phone Problem and solution
Q2: I don’t think it’s available.

Q2: What do I need when I want to change a Theme?
A2: programe caled EFS Media Builder. Get it here

Q3: Where can we buy LG Viewty phone’s Accesories?
A3: This is a good place: ‘semenedis.com’ where you can get something you like.

Q4: Can the LG Viewty phone be unlocked?
Q4: Yes, please make sure you read it in advance.

Q5: Can the LG Viewty phone take a 2GB Memory card or bigger?
Q5: Yes, but you can not format your LG Viewty phone’s card. The viewty will also only show the card as 2Gb.

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  1. hello……i have install a driver in my window 7 for lg viewty but i can use my phone as a modem can u help me…….

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