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LG Viewty software – free and fast google maps:

Download Google maps jar or jad 
Menu>Settings>Map>Map types>Add Custom Map
Map Type Name: GoogleMap
Map Type URL:http://mt.google.com/mt save
Menu>Settings>Map>Stored maps
Stored maps V
Offine mode V
Stored maps folder:
Card/MGMapsCache save
Choose one of the following two:  LG Cell phone Software
batch download: Open your browser, navigate to http://www.mgmaps.com/create, select the area you want to download. Click Generate and save the .map file on your computer. Back in gMapMaker, select "MGMaps mode, use a .map file" as the operating mode then click "Go" and select the .map file saved.

single area: Enter the coords, select the zoom level and map type for the area to download. Make sure the cache folder path ends with "MGMapsCache". Make sure you have selected "MGMaps mode, use entered area" as the operating mode. Click "Go".
When the download is ready, you’ll find all the map tiles in the selected MGMapsCache folder. Just copy this folder with all its subfolders to your memory card and configure MGMaps to use it. Move the map in MGMaps to the area/zoom level you downloaded map tiles for – use Menu->Go To and enter the coordinates, zoom level and map type.
The application can also use a set of proxies for satellite imagery download in order to avoid having your IP address temp-banned by Google (which happens if you download many satellite tiles in a short time). UPDATE: To improve proxy functionality in gMapMaker, WideCap (successor of FreeCap) works perfectly… or anyway better than the integrated proxy support. LG-Viewty info

Source: http://www.mygreatphone.com/forum/software-discussion/7490-googlemap-free.html

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