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Welcome to the Official LG Viewty wallpaper thread. Feel free to post up your contributions but please add a preview, Sizes of the LG Viewty wallpaper need to be 240×400. LG Cell phone Software

Another locked wallpaper thread i found on this forum is HERE. This was locked because the bandwith alocated for this forum. LG-Viewty info

So, to avoid “big” bandwitch consumption atach an arhive with pictures at upload, to and a screenshot with all picturse included in arhive at imageshack.us. HERE is an example.
I hope moderators agree this thread.


ps: All LG Viewty wallpapers I upload here, are made by me (croping, editing, resizeing). So all of them are uniq and custom made.

Credits; evilmind, motom, opahontje, skybreaker, b1sti11n, tonydeli7, LJThrilla, marial.

First installment is Movies wallpapers, from original posters or dvdcover of movies.

LG Viewty wallpaper thread download





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