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Some have asked about a link to LG Viewty LGMDP. here it is:
[ku990] V10c open EU firmware – Forum Mobiles

This is a French language thread, but the very first post is in English.

The first link is to binary files for v10c. The icons for v10c are unbranded, but the Connectivity and Access Points in the firmware are O2.  LG-Viewty info

The second link is for LGMDP.rar (password is "arf_cz"), which contains LGMDP which used to flash your firmware using binary files. THIS WILL NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE – rather, if you flash with v10g referenced above you will have an unbranded phone.

It’s important to note that there are no applications that allow you to back up your entire firmware to .dz. So, any .dz firmware you find (along with the LGMP flashing utility) must have come from someone inside LG.

The entire french thread (nooo, not french bread!) contains outstanding information on LG Viewty firmware from what looks like Engineers and LG insiders. If you can’t read French, Google translate will give you a good understanding of the discussion but do NOT jump to conclusions – you MUST read the ENTIRE thread because some things written earlier are updated later.

I’ve got a .rar that contains a video showing exactly how to use LGMDP, but it’s 6M and 2M over the forum upload limit. If an admin can help me out here I’ll upload it.

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Jorma Sepponen on 17 April, 2010 at 6:04 am #

Thank you for you advices ! Im not so god in French myself , so Your advises help me a lot . spring greetins from Nokialand . Jorma

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