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Much has been made of the supposed poor battery life of the LG Viewty! Personally I tend to think the reason for quick discharging is more likely to be personal user\profile settings, rather than faulty equiptment! I can often get 3+ days use from my handset before it needs a recharge! In view of that fact, I’ve decided to make a list of some of the settings that can greatly improve battery life for many other LG Viewty owners.LG-Viewty info

Some of these settings may have been adjusted in the shop to make the LG Viewty appear to be more responsive before you collected it, so it is advisable to check them for yourself. changes made to Profiles (Editing) need only be made once, and then saved, in order for them to be activated whenever that particular profile is selected in future.

1. Multitasking!
when you’ve finished using an application or browsing on your LG Viewty, make sure the app is properly exited or it’ll sit in the background using precious processor cycles & resources, which in turn uses battery power.
2. Profiles!
some of the default profiles use some of the higher powered settings on your handset! Edit them so they are no more than you require! Pay particular attention to numbers 5 [Backlight] & 6 [Haptics] below.
3. Bluetooth!
BT is a wireless connection that most people seem to be happy to leave on, even when they’re not actively using the service! turn it off when not needed to preserve power & prevent the remote hacking of your LG Viewty.


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