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Instructions:LG Viewty free themes download LG-Viewty info

1. Put ‘theme_bg3.swf’ into LGAPP/Media/swf/themes, and put ‘android.swf’, ‘android.xml’, ‘en-UK.xml’, ‘ads’, ‘previews’, ‘thumbs’ into LGAPP/Media/swf. LG Cell phone Software

2. Put the contents of boot screen and sounds on to your LG Viewty phone normally.

3. Navigate to android.gif on the LG Viewty phone, go into options and choose use as phone startup. Do the same for startup.wav

*Note: We are not responsible if you break your LG Viewty phone. Please make sure you have backed all content up*

Bug Fixes – LG Viewty free themes download

  • Works fully with theme manager 2.6
  • Pictures now work
  • When preview is clicked it doesn’t continuously load the BG when its pressed again
  • You cant press the menu buttons when the wallpaper changer is up like before
  • Clocks not in the way anymore
  • All externally loaded images are ,jpg so its easy for users to replace them. just resize.

LG Viewty free themes download:


Special Thanks To:
DaveorNoDave – ActionScripting
ChrisDaniels – Boot Screen and some technical stuff
Blax2007 – Putting it all together and coding it
Me – GUI & other stuff

Source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/demo/?review=1#url=http://www.ku990.co.uk/forum/index.php

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