LG Viewty Factory Reset

To get to the LG Viewty factory reset type 3845#*990# in the dialpad, this will bring up the Test Mode, then scroll down to option 8 – Factory Reset, click OK and your LG Viewty will reset.  LG-Viewty info

Note: Be Careful People! This will reset everything on the phone, you will lose you personal settings & anything stored in the handset memory, so back up first.

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3 thoughts on “LG Viewty Factory Reset”

  1. this is very helpfull except that my screen has broken and i need to reset the phone before giving it away any ideas??

  2. suddenly it started to restart and hang in the “LG” logo that you normally get at startup.

  3. it starts an endless loop where it starts, shows the LG logo and then restarts all over again …help me what to do?

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