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Alright! Here is a list of games you can  play on the LG Versa just by visiting the website the flash/swf file is located no bitpim, Just like playing on your computer. I need Help finding Games like These SO PLEASE HELP ME! Check and see if your favorite flash games work and let us know. I will add links from replys to this thread to my original threa to create a database of these GamesLG Cell phone games

Note: Some Games like the race car game and asteroids appear to recognise the querty keyboard UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and maybe other keys when in landscape view which opens up the variety of games we can play.  LG Cell phone Software

Black Jack Plays fast full screen landscape. Great quality game one of the best. Plays using touch screen. 7 out of 10 LG-Versa info

RaceCar Plays ok full screen Landscape. ok Game but Great controll using left and right and the touch screen. 6 out of 10

Reversi. Plays Great Full screen Landscape. Great Game One of My all time favs Great fun on my versa for free. Play using touch screen. 8 out of 10

Asteroids 2k3. Great Game Full screen Landscape. Great Graphics fells like the original sorta. Use up left right and space to cotroll Game. 8 out of 10

Fun memory game works great w/ sound in portrait mode!

Gone in 60 seconds! Use keyboard to race through the level and back! look out for cops!

Source: http://www.lg-versa.org/games/lg-versa-web-browser-flash-games!/

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[…] LG Versa Web Browser Flash Games! […]

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[…] LG Versa Web Browser Flash Games! […]

Tina on 10 June, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

how to turn on the flash for pictures when I take a pix it dark need a flash light to make pic see better not to dark need a flash light on my pager LG verizon
leave me message in my email telling me how to set up the flash light on my pager thanks Tina

Yakuzaa on 24 November, 2015 at 9:10 pm #

How come my Kymco scooter strtas just for a few seconds then it stops even though my gas tank is full?It automatically stops wheter i used the push button ignition or by kick start?But i was able to run & use the scooter 2 days ago & tried to start the engine last night & it worked.But this morning it (the engine) doesn’t run anymore.

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