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A good news for LG Versa users that LG has just released its new firmware v07 for the phone. I got this update yesterday and it works great for me without any problems. It was a ton of bug resolves. When I was told that a new firmware was released called V07, I was confused, my phone’s version is V04, why this update is not V05 or V06 but V07…today I get some reasons from howardforums: The jump from v4 to v7, many times if there are a series of smaller updates done, sometimes the updates will not go public as there can be a cost associated with this. And they will wait until there are more fixes before they release it. This, according to why v5-6 were skipped.  LG Cell Phone Software

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The following are the items which have been fixed in the LG Versa v07 firmware:

  • Fixed a lock-up issue that sometimes occurred during password input for BREW applications with the virtual keypad
  • Fixed an issue in the browser where the game module shortcut is displayed when the module is attached
  • Fixed a reset issue that occurs when a user selects flash contents at weather.com
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the control button is not displayed at m.youtube.com
  • When phone settings are on save to memory card on video..sounds and pics….and you receive a video message and try to save it.. A error pops up saying phone memory full. You have to set save option to phone memory..save video to phone, then transfer video to memory card. instead of just being able to save it to card.
  • While playing music…you can adjust the volume to make it play louder. It has 2 settings, playback volume and master volume. If you change the option from playback volume to master volume and try to set anything….the phone will freeze up and you will have to take the battery off and put it back in for it to work.
  • Fixed a lockup issue that sometimes occurred when receiving a video message and picture message simultaneously while running a BREW application.
  • Versa is unable to authorize with Rhapsody software. Device originally authorized just fine, but is no longer able to sync subscription music and will not authorize at all. Pops an error message "Cannot authorize at this time, please try again later" when attempting to authorize.
  • In some cases, Voice Command audio transmits through the phone speaker instead of Bluetooth Car Kit’s speaker. Fixed
  • When adding an event in the Calendar with the device being horizontal and without the keyboard attachment. Whenever you add a space in the subject line it exits the edit screen.
  • An error message would occur when downloading some music files with Spanish names.
  • An error message would occur when downloading songs with accented characters in the title.
  • VZW portal page is not fitted to screen size.
  • While in the browser, customer can only type one letter of any password in on the touchscreen and must use the keyboard to continue.  LG-Versa info

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