LG Versa tricks – Sync Music

It’s easy to sync music on LG Versa by useing windows media player, Here we go!   LG-Versa info

1. Make sure the memory card out of your LG Versa.

2. Open windows media player.

3. Plug usb cable to the computer. Leave your LG Versa pluged in and go to your music select sync and it will connect if it does not connect to windows media by its self.

4. Choose the songs you want to drag to you phone, select sync and keep connecting till it says press end.

5. Put in your memory.

6. Go to all songs.

7. On top it should say all songs on the right of it is the options it is lines select at and select move to card check the ones you want to move and move them. LG Phone Problem and solution

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