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Here’s tip I didn’t see in the phone manual and I stumbled across it when playing my LG Versa. You know the grey band towards the bottom that displays vibrate, messages, alarm, calender, etc. Here’s the tip: if you tap the grey bar, it brings up a menu for quick access to modify all of your notifications. BTW, may be the LG dare did it as well.  LG-Versa

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8 thoughts on “LG Versa tips”

  1. Got to tell ya. i’m lovin this phone as i’m leaning to use it. i give it 2 thumbs up and i’m not a tchnological person. wooohooo

  2. Has anyone had problems with the Versa freezing overnight and showing an error message that states you entered the incorrect code? Then it doesn’t allow you to get out of that message. Really killing the battery as it keeps the lights on all through the night.

  3. It Seems Like All The Games Do Not Work Without The Attachment keyboard. I Have A Few Problems With It freezing. I Would Like To Know How To Lock It Faster Though. Also To Find Out How To Get Four Screens Not Only Three.

  4. Regan, I know your post was a long time ago, but to see the forth screen you need the keypad module.

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