LG Versa tip – threaded texting style

The LG Versa’s threaded texting style is not default, now I find out exactly what option to change all incoming and outgoing text into a threaded texting style.  LG-Versa

1. Select “Main Menu” from a homescreen
2. Select “Messaging”
3. Select “Settings” from the “Messaging” screen
4. Go to “Inbox View”
5. Select “By Contact”

Now, when you select the LG Versa’s Inbox icon from a homescreen, each entry is a contact & by selecting a contact, you can view the thread of messages (yes both To & From) per contact.  LG Phone Problem and solution

LG Versa threaded texting style photos LG Cell phone pictures

LG Versa - threaded texting style


threaded texting style


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