LG Versa – ringtone problems

Firstly, placed your ringtones in the ringtone file by using the bitpim. Ringtones work a little differently on the LG Versa. The LG Versa doesn’t automatically rebuild the ringtone index, so once you add files to /brew/mod/10889/ringtones you have to delete /dload/myringtone.dat and reboot your phone for the new ringtones to show up. LG-Versa 

You can also get the music on the SD card by syncing with WMP. It works pretty nice, and it does put them in folders, with album art if have it. On the ringtones, under media (not systemfiles) with not the latest version I was able to get ringtones on the LG Versa. Hope it’s work! LG Phone Problem and solution

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  1. How do you get bitpim to work with your phone? cause I just downloaded it and LG Versa isn’t even on the phone list…Unless I’m doing this all competely wrong..

  2. Make sure you downloaded the Beta Version of bitpim (version

    Once you have that version, it should auto detect the Versa. If not, you should see it in the phone list as VX-9600 (Versa).

    Hope that helps, it is pretty frustrating getting this phone to communicate with bitpim.

    If you’re having trouble finding the system files, go to View -> View Filesystem.

    Hope this helps!

  3. My /dload/myringtone.dat file is size 0. I copied the ringtones, deleted the myringtone.dat file and re-booted. A new myringtone.dat file is created and it is 0 bytes. I still can’t see the ringtones I copied. Any other ideas?

  4. To shtarker

    The myringtone.dat will be zero until you added custom ringtones to ringtones dir. Do not add them to the default directory. BYW does anyone know if you can add a “ringer” directory to the SD bard? Can you delete the data for the defualt tones and save space (deleting the files with bitpim)? At least I assume because the phone will still play them.

  5. help! I am running Mac OS X Leopard and can’t get Bitpim to recognize my phone. It is not listed in the list of phones in the progam (though it IS listed on their website). It doesn’t even connect under “other CDMA phone” I tried downloading the version suggested above by Miles, but it is Windows only!
    Do I need a driver? Google doesn’t seem to have anything on MAC drivers for this phone… It’s too bad I really like the phone, but the ringtones are horrible.

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