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Today I played with the LG Versa, it was pretty cool. Some people just will not like this phone because of the design and look when the keyboard is attached. To them I say: your missing out. The LG Dare was a good phone – but the LG Versa is a GREAT phone. LG-Versa

The touchscreen and UI is excellent. The call quality on my LG Dare was terrible-i thought it was just a bad one – but my friend who has the dare and one of the guys at the kiosk said he didnt think the call quality with the LG Dare was that great.

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LG Versa


Still, could have been an issue with that particular phone. The call quality with the LG Versa is awesome – my friend immediately noticed the difference. Now i was initially hesitant about the look of the phone and the weight with the keyboard attached. But you know what? it looks good – not great, but good. Basically just looks like you have a case on it. And it being heavy? I can feel it enough to know its in my pocket, but it is not a hindrance (the LG dare i could barely tell was there sometimes, so for me this argument goes to the LG Versa).

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  1. I am about to obtain the lg versa and from all the reviews… its sounds like a GREAT phone! I am looking forward to the phone… and i hope all that ive heard it the truth!!! 🙂

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