LG Versa Manual

A lot of folks have been asking me on where to to download the LG Versa Manual, here is the download link. Enjoy! http://rapidshare.com/LG_Versa_Manual.pdf

LG Versa Manual Navigate the Home Screens: LG Cell phone Software

  1. Use the tip of your finger or the stylus to select icons on the touch screen. It’s not necessary to press hard. A light tap will do.
  2. To move from one home screen to another, press and drag your finger/stylus horizontally across the touch screen, The diaplay will rotate to the next home screen.

LG Versa Manual  Search Contacts

  1. From standby mode, touch the Contacts icon. LG-Versa info
  2. Touch the highlighted letters on the virtual keypad to search for a name in your contacts. Highlighted letters represent currently stored contacts in your phone book.

Note: The touch screen automatically locks after periods of inactivity. To unlock the touch screen, touch the Unlock icon or press the Unlock/Lock Key located on the top of the phone.

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