LG Versa firmware v03 changes and fixes

LG Versa firmware v03 Changes/Fixes  LG Cell phone Software

1. LG Versa firmware v03 Changes/Fixes – BROWSER

  • 1st Time – Bookmarks on your Media screen are messed up. Need to delete bookmarks from the browser and readd them to browser then to screen
  • Freezing Mostly Gone
  • Green Play Button is now Blue Play Button
  • Menu & Zoom Width Buttons are moved inwards towards center of screen a bit for easier touching
  • Password Letter Preview is gone
  • Focusing and clicking objects is now mostly single click
  • More RSS feeds now work (MAYBE)
  • RSS feeds can be renamed without them deleting themselves

LG Versa firmware v03 photos LG Cell phone pictures

LG Versa firmware


2. LG Versa firmware v03 Changes/Fixes – Main Functions

  • Added Widgets to home screen (Clock, Calendar, and Memo) each taking 4 spaces -Clock widget removes regular time bar on that screen
  • Favorites can now include Music Albums
  • Contact searching letters are bigger
  • Touch screen is more responsive
  • Icons a bit smaller
  • Less Freezing
  • Text Message Reminders fixed???  LG-Versa info

3. LG Versa firmware v03 Changes/Fixes – Media Player

  • Search Letters are bigger
  • Better support for M4A files???

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