LG Versa coming from Verizon Wireless?

According to intomobile, LG’s upcoming touchscreen phone, the LG VX9600 Versa will be available with the carrier in March.  LG Cell phone news

In just a short month’s time, we could see Verizon bringing to life their first modular handset. As you’ll likely remember, the LG Versa’s claim to fame is its modular design – the handset is essentially a super-slim touchscreen slate that can be mated to a detachable keyboard, speakers, or a WiFi module (with more modules presumably planned for later release).

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The idea is to keep the primary module as small as possible – rather than cramming all sorts of hardware into the handset, the LG Versa stays trim and fit as a fully-functional touchscreen handset until the time comes to don a bulky keyboard or pair of speakers.

Via: intomobile

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