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I just wanna know if the LG Versa owners have problems about the batteries? I have read many reviews and it seems that some people have great battery life and others have terrible battery life.  LG Phone Problem and solution

Before the LG Versa I had the dare(it was 1 years old)…this battery lasts just as long…and I text and talk as much as i did before. I just wanna see what kind of settings everyone has and what their battery life is…so hopefully everyone can work out if their battery life is normal.   LG-Versa info

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1. Vibrate, Silent, Ringtone or both?
2. Keypress/Typing – Vibrate (on/off), Sound(on/off)?
3. Qwerty or Touchscreen?
4. Backlight – Short or Long?
5. Text Average?
6. Call Average?
7.Average total battery life

Here are my LG Versa settings
1. Vibrate sometimes Silent.
2. no sound or vibrate for typing.
3. touchscreen.
4. blacklight short.
5. 200 total sent and recieved
6. about 20 min a day
7. My battery life usually lasts a day and a half

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Steve on 5 February, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

I have an LG CU 800 that is about 2 years old. I replaced the battery a couple of months ago, but still only get about 20 mins of talk time out of a charge. Does anyone have a solution?

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