LG Venice LG730 Firmware / Rom / Flash File

For some guys who are looking for the Original LG Venice LG730 Firmware / rom.

LG Venice LG730 ZV5_01.S5_00.P61009.tot:

LG Venice LG730 ZV6_07.S6_00.P61009.tot:

LG Venice LG730 ZV8 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean:

Flash file (dll)

Caution: Every time you flash your phone, do at your own risk, I just shared original materials and obviously will take no responsibility for any damage or brick.

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LG_Venice_Boost_Mobile device-overview-of-lg-venice


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4 thoughts on “LG Venice LG730 Firmware / Rom / Flash File”

  1. can u re-upload somewhere else? u have to be a premium member at upload.net to download a file this large.

  2. Exactly as the first comment. When I saw UL.COM and how large the files are, I know I would never get these unless someone uploaded them to another more lax uploader or sync them with something like Box or DropBox or (what wishes are made of) emailed them directly to me which would NEVER happen. . .

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