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LG Touch LED Notifications is an app that handles incoming notifications and uses the LED buttons on the LG Optimus 4X HD to notify the user of any missed notifications. Root is needed if you want to install the app.


  • Built-in support for Gmail/SMS/MMS/Missed calls
  • Support for any activity that generates notifications by using Accessibility
  • Configurable pulse and vibration for every notification
  • Set the default touch LED brightness
  • Charging indicator

How the LG Touch LED Notifications works

  • The app is in an idle state and will do nothing until the device receives a notification.
  • When an notification is received and the screen is on and not in lock-screen, the accelerometer sensors will be started and used as a way to detect user activity. If the sensor is triggered the feedback will be cancelled. If the sensor is not triggered and the screen is turned off the feedback will start.
  • If the screen is off the feedback will be delayed for 2 seconds. The reason for this is because some notifications might turn on the screen and in turn will cancel the feedback, so the delay will hopefully prevent this. If nothing happens during the delay the feedback starts at once.
  • The feedback will repeat until it is timed out or the screen is turned on.

LG Touch LED Notifications for LG Optimus 4X HD Download:

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