The LG Optimus Big has an incredible amount of buzz to go along with it, and for good reason. I’m drooling just from seeing pictures and spec sheets — and that’s saying a LOT considering it’s an Android device.  LG Cell Phone News

It’s great to know that the LG Optimus Big is supposedly launching sometime soon. If the report is real, the LG Optimus Big would be LG’s second handset to come with a Nova display, after the LG Optimus Black.  LG Cell Phone Previews

Product Features that Support this Value Prop: LG-Optimus info

  • 4.3″ high resolution Nova display
  • 1GHz single-core chip
  • T-DMB TV tuner
  • Over-the-air TV broadcasts

No more details about this phone, the pricing, releasing date or full features is on the road. LG Android Phones

LG Optimus Big Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures



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