LG Thrive User Manual / Guide Download

If you’d like to know a little more about your LG Thrive Android smartphone, now there’s the official user manual / guide available for you to download. Both manuals give you almost 100 pages of assembly and disassembly info along with pictures. You can also read up on how to re-flash and unlock the LG Thrive. This user manual / guide is made in PDF and available in two language. Check the following link to download what you want now!

LG Thrive User Manual / Guide Download:

LG Phoenix Datasheet & Quick Start Guide:

LG Thrive Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures



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6 thoughts on “LG Thrive User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. Love my LG Thrive, however, a full manual should be provided, not everyone can download one. LG has agreed to send me a full manual. Thanks

  2. I have a problem trying to find the steps to download my FB Contacts pics to my cell phone contacts….How do I do this on the LG THRIVE?

  3. When setting an alarm my phone chooses “Alarm Beep01”. How do I get my phone to choose another alarm tone as a default?

  4. Per Barbara’s post on 12 February. I am
    not a computer techie and would like to have a hard copy manual sent to me. My address is 13251 Chaco Canyon Ln, NE, ABQ, NM 87111. Thank you in advance for your customer service. Rosalinda Rodriguez

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