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Do you want to open up a hidden menu on your AT&T LG Thrive Android Smartphone? Using this menu you can enable the “Unknown Sources Test" and other settings on your LG Thrive. This “Unknown Sources Test" function which allows you root your phone with gingerbreak app. LG Android Phones

Warning: this may severely damage your phone if you change certain settings that you don’t understand! I will not be responsible for any damage.

Open your LG Thrive so that the main screen is displayed. Press 3845#*506#, the hidden menu should pop up. If you want to root your phone with gingerbreak, then you can scroll down to "Unknown Sources Test" and check the box, then turn to menu>applications>development to enable usb debugging. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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  1. e puesto esa opcion mas sin embargo mi celular se apaga cuando quiero poner alguna aplicacion porfavor ayuda

  2. i put that option but i want putt apps so i when i do that my lg turn off so what i can do?
    help me please

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