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I thought I’d share everything I’ve learned regarding Android & the AT&T LG Thrill 4G over the past few weeks. Well follks, here’s what I’ve picked up by reading reading reading & exploring exploring exploring. Hope this helps noobs and leets alike.

More things some people might just not know about, if you do, good for you, if you don’t you do now! LG Android Phones

LG Thrill 4G Tips & Tricks:

  1. Pull down your notification curtain and long press on one of the toggles. If you long press on WiFi it will bring you to the settings page for WiFi, if you long press on Bluetooth it will take you to Bluetooth settings page and so on.
  2. On the LGHome launcher if you go to the app drawer and press the menu capacitive button and select "layout" you can choose to have your apps in categories, as seperate pages or one long vertical list.
  3. If you are in category view you can "close" pinch the screen and the categories will roll up for better view. If you look at the bottom of the screen you will see two options "Manage App" and "Manage Category".
    "Manage App" will let you move apps from category to category and you can easily uninstall apps from the app drawer this way.
    "Manage Category" will let you add new categories and rearrange them if you would like, you can’t remove the default categories though. Say you want "Games" "Utilities" and "Forum Apps" seperated, this is how you would do it without making folders.
  4. While in List view you can "close" pinch the screen to collapse the alphabetical categories for another easy way to navigate apps.
  5. Instead of pulling apps from the app drawer one by one, long click the homepage and select "Shortcuts" at the bottom, then select "Applications" here you can choose multiple apps at one time, a "batch" add.
  6. When you go to contacts, "close" pinch on the screen to collapse alphabetical categories as well. I find this MUCH faster than scrolling down with the side bar.
  7. You can change the middle two dock icons if you long press the app from the app drawer you can place it where you want to replace the existing icon. However you cannot delete icons from the dock, only over write. For example you cannot have 3 icons (including the app drawer).
  8. On LGHome launcher up at the top you will see the Desktop Indicators if you press on the either side of the middle circle it will quickly take you to either the first or last Desktop. You must press on the dots themselves for this to work. This is handy for those that have a lot of Desktops all filled with stuff, if you are on the first Desktop and need something from the SECOND to last Desktop you can just click on the right side of the middle dot then scroll back one to the Desktop you need. It beats flicking across your screen 5-6 times, you can reduce that to a press and one fling. LG-Thrill-4G info

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