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I’m just transferring this thread from the XDA forum for those that would be interested in getting onto (or back onto) AT&T’s unlimited data plan rather than the tiered plans they offer. LG Android Phones

This method requires an iPhone 2G in order to do it and a sim card that has not been previously registered on an iPhone.

It does work, I did it on my own lines with ease.

I just wanted to share what I found out.

LG Thrill 4G Tips – Getting Unlimited Data on AT&T Steps:

  1. You must have an iPhone 2G, and a sim card that has never been registered to an iPhone 2G before
  2. Hard reset the iPhone, put in your simcard, and register the iPhone 2G in iTunes. You will be asked to confirm you agree to $20/month unlimited 2g data + 200 text messages.
  3. Check online account to see if plan went through, or call 611 and confirm.
  4. Find a CSR that will change your iPhone 2g plan to unlimited smartphone personal. I tried over the phone multiple times and they kept on saying they couldn’t do it since the unlimited plan didn’t exist before June 2010. I was about to give up but went to a retail location and the guy did it on his computer.
  5. Enjoy your unlimited data!  LG Phone Problem and Solution

NOTE: Whatever you do do not let them change your data plan off the iPhone data plan. If you lose that plan you need a new simcard and to start over. I think I may have had more difficulties cause I am on a business account, but it still worked! LG-Thrill-4G info


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