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How to get LG Spirit 4G service code:

LG Spirit 4G Hidden Menu:
1. For menu for the network select- Go to dialer and enter ##626* then enter 6 digit code that you got above, then go to network select then network mode and you get this menu PIC: http://db.tt/ckh3xgTV

  • LTE Only – 4G Data only —– no call or text
  • CDMA+LTE/EvDo – 1x,3G,4G —– call & text
  • EvDO Only – 3G Data only —– no call or text
  • CDMA w/o EvDO – 1x —– call & text
  • CDMA/EvDO – 3G —– call & text

2. There’s also another hidden menu ##LGSERVICEMENU or ##5473784236368 the service code is the same 6 digit one from the top

Well some things you may do with the hidden menu are:

  • Change Network mode : Turning off LTE may save battery life
  • Field Tests – Check 4G Spectrum Bandwidth
  • Semi-booting mode – Enable Semi-Booting mode
  • Network Lock – Change Network lock mode
  • ICC Activation Setting – Make it where the phone still works even without the sim card
  • Hardware & Software Tests

The LG Spirit 4G is now available at MetroPCS for only $199 after a $70 mail-in rebate. Interested friends can go and check out their sites now.

MetroPCS LG Spirit 4G Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures

MetroPCS-LG-Spirit-4G Release-date-price


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