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Here is a tutorial on how to flash a .cab firmware on LG Spectrum. We just want you know whenever you prepare to flash your LG Spectrum, never forget to backup your files, we are not responsible for any damage in the process. Especially if it’s during the final steps as flashing the cab actually deletes your recovery partition before flashing the new one. LG Android Phones

What you need before flash:

Unified Verizon Drivers from LG Site or from your phone. (I went to grab the link from the site, but the Verizon drivers are no longer listed there. Putting your phone into charge only mode will activate a special area of the phone and Windows will show up a new drive containing the USB drivers)

How to Flash LG Spectrum with a cab file:

  1. Charge your battery to full, not just 80% or so.
  2. Run the driver package and let it run its course. Then set phone to Debug mode and make sure all additional drivers install correctly. If you have adb on your PC, you can test your connection buy running ADB shell and seeing if your phone connects correctly
  3. Go into your Windows Device Manager and disable the device under Modems -> LGE AndroidNet for VZW USB Modem
  4. Remove your battery and remove your memory card.
  5. Reboot your phone in “Download Mode” (re-insert your battery and replace the back plate. Hold down vol up + vol down. Plug in usb cable while holding both buttons.)
  6. I highly recommend using the official cable that came with the phone when doing a flash and not being on and USB hubs.
  7. Extract KP500 tool into a directory (i.e. C:\KP500)
  8. Move your .cab file to the same directory
  9. Run your KP500 file as administrator
  10. Choose I “Flash with assistance (file .cab)
  11. Phone Model = VS920
  12. Input the full path to your cab file including .CAB at the end (i.e. C:\KP500\
  13. Input the full file name of your cab (aka version) without the Cab (i.e. VS920Z3_02.S3_02.P58012.R5)
  14. Watch as the LG update tool pops up.
  15. It will most likely tell you that your phone is disconnected. This is normal and to be expected
  16. Click Restart.
  17. It will find your phone and go thru extracting the cab file and then extracting a .bin file.
  18. At this point if you did something wrong with driver setup or not disabling the modem driver, you will get a page error. If you did it right, you will get a percentage indicator that goes past 15%. Every so often a message will go by about “model dll message not found”. This is normal.
  19. Wait for your phone to finish flashing and let it reboot on its own. I did not do a factory reset and everything came back as it was, but with a new firmware version. You may wish to do a factory reset just to be safe. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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VerizonSucks on 26 April, 2013 at 11:05 am #

It wasn’t working for me, but I just realized it is probably because I unzipped the cab to my kp500 folder. Will update if just moving the .cab fixes problem…(fingers crossed!)

Amjad Ali on 21 October, 2016 at 3:19 pm #

Thx buddy it works for me. Ive lost my signals and that comes back.

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