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This is a collection of flashable basebands for the LG Spectrum 4G VS920.

How to flash the basebands on an LG Spectrum 4G VS920:

  1. Download and place the flashable basebands on the root of your SD card
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode
  3. Flash the zip flash you just downloaded

You do not need to wipe/clear anything before or after installing these, and they will not alter your currently installed ROM at all.

LG Spectrum 4G VS920 flashable basebands Download:

  • VS920 ZV4 md5=9c57dcb79306f200808e6e2bdf225cb0
  • VS920 ZV6 md5=25afe10e698e2ec3dee31f457e8975f6
  • VS920 ZV7 md5=aa682d095e067a435a6fd955729ec7a8


1. What do these do and why would I want to install them?

  • This is firmware for your cell radio/modem. In theory, the latest version should provide the best cell radio reception. Usually this is the case, but sometimes older basebands work better. This is why old versions are made available.

2. Does my ROM install a baseband?

  • No. ROMs do not touch the baseband or affect it in any way. They are entirely independent.

3. Does this affect roaming?

  • No, that is mainly controlled by your PRL, which is updated via a special program. I will not discuss PRL updates here in this post or in this thread since it is off topic.

WARNING: These ZIP files are for the VS920 only! They do not verify your device model, and they will most likely brick any other device!

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