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LG introduced its great idea at the CTIA 2011, which is the LG Wireless Charging Pad. Wireless charging is any of several methods of charging batteries without the use of cables or device-specific AC adaptors. LG Cell Phone Accessories

You see? The LG Wireless Charger is branded as “Verizon”, suggesting that this will debut with the launch of the LG Revolution. LG Cell Phone News

To me that is good if your battery can "last" until you get home! Where ever that maybe.
All you LG Phone gamers can drain your battery just on your bus or train ride. Then what do you do when your power mat is at home? Imagine carrying the powermat around to the office or when your a backpacker going through places like Vietnam. OEM charger still wins for now!

LG Wireless Charging Pad Key Features:
– Visual, audible and tactile feedback – allows user to see, feel and hear when the phone is placed properly on the pad
* Power LED – Blue = Plugged in
* Battery LED – Orange = Ready to Charge
* Battery LED – Flashing Green = Phone is Charging Correctly
* Battery LED – Solid Green = Phone is Fully Charged

– Slim and sleek design – allows for convenient storage, taking up minimal space

– Effective Range – 7mm from center of placement guide

– Dimensions – 6.29″x3.54″x0.39″

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