LG Show off GD880 Mini at MWC 2010

Remember this picture below? It is LG GD880 Mini that being show off at the MWC 2010. With a unique design, it was evaluated as the smallest and slimmest phone in the world. The LG GD880 Mini has heft for its diminutive size – only 99g. LG Cell Phone News

The device itself is simple, world’s smallest smartphone. The LG GD880 Mini includes a 3.2-inch full touchscreen that features a 480×854 pixels resolution (16:9 aspect ratio), a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, 7.2 Mbit/s HDSPA connectivity, FM radio, A-GPS and Wi-Fi support.  The device gets about 3 hours of talk time and 210 of standby for its 900 mAh battery.

LG GD880 Mini Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



The LG GD880 Mini is expected to be out in Europe in March and it will retail without a plan for 400 Euros (in France). Other markets will soon acquire the phone at varying prices.

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