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LG Shine Tips and Tricks: How to do a picture share

  1. From standby mode, dial the 10 digit number of another 3G video share capable phone, then press the Send key.  LG-Shine info
  2. After Video Share Ready appears, press the camera key to establish a video share connection.  LG Phone Problem and Solution
  3. Your recipient must accept the video share connection. Once accepted, start filming what you want to share with the other caller- they will view the live feed. When you are finished with the video share, press the Left Soft Key to stop the recording.
  4. Press down on the Navigation Joystick to confirm.
  5. Press the number 1 on the keypad to save the recorded video.

Note: You will then return to your original phone call. 

LG Shine Tips and Tricks: How to make a 3-way call

  1. With your Shine on standby, enter the number of the first party you wish to call or press Down to choose from your contacts list and press Send.
  2. Once the call is underway, ask the party on the line to hold as you repeat the same process to choose a second caller by selecting a contact from the Contact List or just by typing the number.
  3. Upon connecting with the second caller, press the Send key again to combine the calls into one. (Down> Select > Contact> Send> Options> Contacts Menu> Select Contact> Send> Send again)

LG Shine Tips and Tricks: How to pair a device with Bluetooth

  1. Press the left soft key to enter the main menu.
  2. Enter Settings.
  3. Press 3. Bluetooth.
  4. Select 2. Search New Devices.
  5. When you Turn on Bluetooth the phone will automatically begin the search for nearby devices.
  6. Select the Device you wish to pair with and press Add. Enter 0-0-0-0 as the passcode and press OK.

LG Shine Tips and Tricks: How to export contacts from your phone to Outlook using Bitpim

In Bitpim
File—> Export—> CSV Contacts—> All(# of contacts)—> OK

In Outlook
File—> Import and Export—> Import from another program or file—> Nextà—>Comma Separated Values (Windows)*—> Next —> browse—> select bitpim.csv file—> Next—> Highlight “contacts” and click Next—> Check the “import bitpim.csv into folder: contacts” box. 

When you do this a window will pop up which allows you to map custom fields. This is the tricky part. On the Left you have the Bitpim file and on the right you cave the Outlook file. To align everything properly, you need to drag the correct value from the bitpim.csv file and drop it into the correct field in Outlook. Here are some helpful hints but it all depends on what data you have in your phone.

When you are done mapping your contacts into the correct fields, click OK to go pack to the main window where you click finish to complete the import.

*Note: If the CSV (window) format doesn’t work completely, follow the same process with the CSV (DOS) format and it should work fine.

LG Shine Tips and Tricks: How to create ringtones from mp3 files using Bitpim

  1. Use any mp3 conversion software to convert your songs to mp3 format.
  2. In Bitpim, open the Ringers page and click the Add New Ringer icon on the tool bar.
  3. When the Choose Files box appears, select the file where you have your mp3’s stored.   Note: If the song you are selecting still has the folder icon and not the musical note icon next to it, it still needs no be converted to MP3 format.
  4. With the Convert Audio File box shows up in Bitpim, change the Sample Rate to 32000, the Channels to Stereo (2), and the Bit Rate to 64. Then press Convert.
  5. When you can, press Play Clip to hear the song. 
  6. Select a 25 – 30 second clip using the pink and red markers.
  7. Preview the ringtone by clicking Play Clip and readjust the markers if needed.
  8. Click OK to create the ringtone. Note: Bitpim will automatically add the ringtone to your Ringers page.
  9. To send the new ringtone to your phone, click Send Phone Data, click ringtones, and click OK.

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