LG Shine Plus User Manual / Guide Download

TELUS has published the its user manual / guide for the LG Shine Plus. This LG Shine Plus user manual / guide is available online from our website in the form of a PDF file. You can download it from the link below.

The LG Shine Plus user manual / guide offers users advice to help them get started with using the device. The guide covers the basics – the included applications, how to connect LG Shine Plus to the internet and how to play music and video. Set-up, syncing to PC, troubleshooting are all covered in the guide, which also explains how to unlock the phone.

The LG Shine Plus user manual / guide includes two languages – English and Spanish, Hope this helps you, good luck:

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4 thoughts on “LG Shine Plus User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. I cannot answer the phone when call is coming in. I have missed several important calls. Find LG Shine Plus very user unfreindly and do not recommend to any one.

  2. it rings when”it”feels like leaving the ringer on,basically never rings,since I’ve it, I never herd it ring,never,the battery settings,never stay what I put them on,they will turn themselves off n on,so my battery is always dead,the 1st phone that has never had reception in my home.never recommend this phone hate it!

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