LG Shine firmware download

I share the LG KE770 shine firmware here If you need it, just download it, holp helpful.  LG Cell phone Software

The LG KE770 shine features include a 2 megapixel camera, 9mm thickness, microSD card slot and support triband GSM network.” LG-Shine info

LG KE770 shine firmware download

LG KE770 shine-JUL_11_2008

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LG KE770 Shine Phone picturesLG Cell phone pictures

lg ke770 shine

7 thoughts on “LG Shine firmware download”

  1. PLEASE PLEASE post a download for the new V05 firmware for the LG DARE. VZW is making this firmware rollout a mess and many people in different regions can’t get it. I appreciate your hard work. Love this site. Thank you. Please email me either way on your thoughts!

  2. This is the most durable phone I have ever had in my 38 years of living! I have dropped it in the toilet, I have dropped it in the street. It has been left out in the rain and lost at the beach. It is still alive and kicking just as it was when it was brand new! I love how I am the only one I know that owns this phone. It’s very small and can fit anywhere. I LOVE it!!

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