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How to transfer videos from LG Shine CU720 to PC?

I believe you need to synch through Windows media player 10.0 and higher. There is a tab for devices under options in the Tools drop down menu. I have not tried it yet since I don’t have the usb cable yet. I ordered it but it hasn’t come in. LG-Shine info

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I don’t know that it is bidirectional though. Maybe you can only go from the PC to the phone. The LG Shine CU720 uses almost the same OS as the Vu. Use the directions for connectivity for the Vu for the the LG Shine CU720. My wife has the the LG Shine CU720 and I have a Vu. Under the setup tab in the More+ folder there is a folder named connection.  LG Phone Problem and solution

You set the USB connection to Music Sync, Mass Storage or Data Service there. As I understand it from some forums I looked at the order in which you connect the phone is very important.

I believe that the usb cable setting are set first. Then the LG Shine CU720 is connected to the USB cable, then the cable is connected to the computer. Depending on the settings in the phone for the USB connection, Windows will ask you whether you want to open the device as a storage device, open with Windows Media Player or open as a folder. Then you go from there.

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LG CU720 Shine Phone picturesLG Cell phone pictures

LG Shine CU720


Joy on 28 June, 2011 at 2:35 am #

I had to buy the Memory Chip at Walmart for $15 – the Device Driver is on the chip. I never could figure out how to transfer photos from the phone to PC

kakumani on 29 July, 2011 at 4:37 am #

you can send the photos from LG CU 720 to
another phone via blue tooth and then on
to a pc. it works

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