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LG KE970 Shine cell phone five questions:LG Phone Problem and solution

1. Is it THAT hard to see the screen when ppl are calling/messaging in the sunlight because of the mirror design?

2. Is it true that when someone texts you, you can only see the number and not the name and you cant change that at all?

3. Can you jus slide up the LG KE970 Shine cell phone to answer it and slide down to end?

4. Is it true that you cant have your personalize background? you can only choose from the ones they have? so does that mean you cant take a picture and put it as your background?  

5. When dialing… you have to choose from those 5 (or whatever) color/font numbers? you cant jus have regular ones?

LG KE970 Shine cell phone answers:

1. It can be difficult to see who is calling when you are out in broad daylight, and thus you have to shade it with your other hand.

2. Yes you can only see the number and not the name, and also you can”t change it.

3. Yes you can have it set to have the slide activate the answer.

4. You can choose any other jpg file you put in it to use as a background.

5. There is a “regular” one where it”s just a digital representation of what you pressed. No fancy animation.

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Anonymous on 26 May, 2009 at 4:35 pm #

can u send stuff to other people or send pictures to your my pictures folder on the computer

amir on 16 July, 2010 at 9:35 am #

my lg kc910 not farsi lanquage suport

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