LG Sentio GS505 now available for free from Amazon

T-Mobile’s LG Sentio GS505 has made a quick jump from launch announcement to price reduction. The LG Sentio GS505 is now available for the rock bottom price of $0.01 from Amazon with a two year contract. Interested friends can go to the Amazon.com for further advice. LG Cell Phone News

The LG Sentio GS505 is not a superphone, but it most certainly will be very affordable, which is also one of its key features. The LG Breeze features a large 3 inch touchscreen display with virtual QWERTY keyboard, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, video capture, Bluetooth stereo music; micro SD card expansion to 16 GB; organizer tools; personal e-mail; GPS-enabled and more.

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