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All the LG phones have one don’t they? Today i find the LG Secret service menu code 338464#*# (do not write quickly, because sometimes it won’t work if you write fast). LG-Secret info

LG Secret service menu functions:

1. Factory Reset
Slightly obvious, this resets the whole phone.

2. Factory Version
Just tells you the factory version and fw version info.
– ++ Change MEDIA Image
Not sure what this is, it froze my phone when I pressed it.

3. Auto Test
– 1) Factory Auto Test
Basicly tells you what key youv’e pressed when you press it (every key included). You can’t get out of this menu, so you will need to remove the battery.
– 2) Aging Test
Not sure, but if you use the reset option, you will need to remove battery.

4. LCD & LED
– LCD Test
Lets you test out the LCD (display colours and backlight strength).
– LED & Backlight Test
Test the LEDs and backlight (not sure what difference this is to the above).
– ALC On/Off Text
Choose if the ALC is on or off (i think this is the auto luminance control).

5. Device
Basicly you can test out the following:
-2MP Camera (use 2MP camera)
-VGA(1.3M) Camera (use front 1.3MP camera)
-Camera Flash Mode (not sure, dosen’t seem to light flash)
Alert Test
-MIDI Select (play various MIDI sounds)
-MIDI Volume (select volume for MIDI sound)
-Vibrator (choose from 3 types of vibrating styles and test them)
EarJack Test
– Tells you if the earjack (at the side of the phone) is attached or not.
KeyPad Test
– Tells you what buttons you press (press C to return).
RTC (real time clock) test
– Tells you the real time clock on your phone.
FM Radio Test
– Plays the radio I think but dosen’t have an antenna connected so im not sure if it works or what it does.
Touchpad Test
Counts the times you press the keys on the touch pad.
TouchScreen Test
Shows squares numbered 0-14. Touch screen is enabled and working. Pressing C takes you to another weird screen and pressing the touch screen takes you back to the screen with squares.
MotionSensor Test
Tells you the position of the motion censor. Only works when you turn a full 90 degree turn.
No idea what this is!

6. Bluetooth
– Loads of options about bluetooth, not sure what any of them do!

7. SW Ver. Info
– Tells you about the FW version information.

8. WAP UserAgent
– Two options to change your WAP UA (you can change phone device [inc. KU990 and other device names]) and View it (opens browser but doesn’t connect)

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