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The LG Secret looks quite slim and sleek, but played with one today and its actually quite laggy. Over awhile, the lag will really get to me. I was in the main menu just going left right up down keys… and it took longer to respond than what I expected and also when going into programs. LG Cell phone Reviews

LG Secret KF755 phone pictures – LG Cell phone pictures

LG Secret KF755











Also, not a fan of the combination of the touch and the button you actually press… takes time getting used to. The LG Secret reminds me of the LG Chocolate. LG-Secret info

The LG Secret is a 3G mobile with HSDPA, the 2.4-inch front screen can be used for web browsing. The LG Secret features include a 5-megapixel camera which can shoot video at 120 frames a second, too. You also get music playback, some video editing tools, and an FM radio.

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LG Secret phone pictures – LG Cell phone pictures

LG Secret KF755

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